On Sale: SDRplay RSP at HRO


Ham Radio Outlet is currently offering the SDRplay RSP software defined receiver for $139.95 in a summer sale that is set to last until the end of August.

If you’ve been considering the SDRplay RSP, this would be a great time to pull the trigger as I’ve never seen the price of the RSP below $149. Click here to view the promotion on HRO’s website.

Click here to read our review of the RSP, or here to read past posts referencing the RSP.

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7 thoughts on “On Sale: SDRplay RSP at HRO

  1. Al Holt

    I was disappointed to find SDRUno only works on Windows platform. If you want software for Linux or Mac you’re going to be installing CubicSDR and to me there’s quite a difference between the two! This discounted price is very attractive and there’s lot of good things being said about SDRPlay. So it not entirely a deal-breaker.

  2. Ivan Cholakov - NO2CW

    I had an Elad FM2 which I sold and purchased an SDRPlay. I could not detect differences reception wise. In fact the Elad was very sensitive to nearby noise from electronic devices. Keep in mind the SDRPlay unit as sold does not come with the USB cable necessary to connect to a computer. Also the much touted new software is only usable if your computer screen resolution is like 1200 pixels across. On an HD resolution computer monitor the software does not scale at all and is practically unusable. For shortwave listening it seems most users stick to HDSDR and HDR Console. For under $500 there is no better SDR receiver.

  3. jay

    This is a great choice and inexpensive for those like myself who have given up ham radio and now just want to listen to shortwave once in awhile

  4. Dan Srebnick


    I was considering one last year until I learned that I does not work with Unitrunker. Then, I came across something that at least implied I could use an EXTIO driver to make it work. Are you aware of anyone who has done this?

    73, Dan

  5. Edward

    Is it ready for prime time? I have one of those usb key-fob types that I have yet to get running. It seems that the “software” available is not just insert the cdrom and press the automatic install then in a few minutes you get a spectrum display ready to use, but you need to be a software EXPERT in C sharp DSP programming and write source code compile link and have intimate knowledge of the innards of whatever flavor of windows operating system you have on your PC.
    Maybe I just got taken by a swap-fest huckster thinking it is possible have a working SDR with just a keyfob and antenna.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Hi, Ed. The RSP doesn’t use a keyfob at all. It’s a full-fledged plug-and-play SDR–especially now that it has its own application (SDRuno). You need no software experience to install the RSP and get it on the air. It’s been on the market now for quite some time and has been thoroughly put through its paces.



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