AirGig: a new BPL technology that promises less RFI


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, DanH, who writes:

I read this news item today. AT&T has a new approach to broadband over power lines called AirGig. Supposedly, this technology will avoid RFI issues encountered with previous BPL technologies. This shouldn’t be an issue in my neighborhood where power lines are underground. Underground utilities still have RFI issues. My next door neighbor’s AT&T high speed internet swamps out all nearly all shortwave signals below 4.7 MHz within radius of 30 feet from the connection box.

Many thanks, DanH! Here is a short promo video for AirGig:

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One thought on “AirGig: a new BPL technology that promises less RFI

  1. Rafman

    This is NOT BPL or close to it. It is utilizing millimeter-wave RF for point-to-point backhaul with what appears to be wifi type POP access, likely on 5GHz…
    This is a mockup of typical installations & won’t enter into trial testing for at least a year…
    Without going into deeper technical detail, there is no “threat” to shortwave with this model. I also doubt it’s future, considering it is a VERY fragile technique, whose maintenance will prove to be a logistical nightmare… It’s hard enough to maintain cell antennas on high voltage towers, which require specially qualified tower crews to be scheduled months in advance of performing work. You can’t get “response services” within 24 hours, not even 24 days…


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