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IMG_20160903_085705777Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, John Cooper, who writes with the following update:

Attention All Shortwave DXers and SW Listeners!

The closing date for the Contest survey gauging the interest in having a North American Shortwave DX Contest is in 10 days from today. As of today’s date I have only received 18 confirmations from DXers who would like to have a Contest, which includes my own survey. I find this to be mind boggling as I truly thought there would be more interest in having a North American Shortwave DX Contest especially with all the DXers who are still active and those who listen to Shortwave for enjoyment and information might want to participate!!!

If you are interested and haven’t submitted your survey yet, please do so. The survey was posted on this website in August. You can reach me at [email protected], or by mail at John P. Cooper, 734 Sally Ann drive, Lebanon, PA 17046, USA.

Thanks to all of you who have submitted surveys. It is greatly appreciated.


John P. Cooper

Click here to download, complete, then email the survey (MS Word).

Thanks for producing and administering this survey, John! Readers: if you haven’t submitted participated in this survey yet, please consider doing so!

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3 thoughts on “Reminder: North American DX Contest Survey

  1. Gary

    The reach on a Facebook page is now less than 8%. You have 2410 “likes”. Even at a high 8% your post reaches 192 people. I’m going on a limb and thinking that only about 15% of the people bother with surveys and 5% of those don’t want to pay any entry fee so they disregard. That puts you down to 19 people. You’re doing about as good as Facebook will allow.

    1. John Cooper

      Hi, thanks for Crunching the numbers! . I never posted to FB because I’ve been inactive on FB for years. I did get the survey posted on this website, both Canadian Clubs, AM DXers Yahoo group, NASWA Yahoo group, and NASWA Journal for September. Good news is that we’re up to 21 confirmed surveys with 9 days left. Thanks to all who participated. A special shout out goes to Richard D. ,Ron F., along with my DXer friend and fellow trouble maker Paul W. In Galena Alaska, who was the first survey respondent.



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