SDRuno: Version 1.03 now available


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mike Ladd (KD2KOG), who notes the release of SDRuno version 1.03:

Beta testing is complete. Changelog is below.
Version 1.03 (18th September 2016)

Bug Fixes

  • High DPI resolution issue.
  • Various minor bug fixes and typos


  • Reworked filter cutoffs
  • Separate out EXTIO functionality
  • RSP Ready indicator in Main Window/SETT/Input
  • Rename FM Stereo Noise Reduction button and slider to FMS-NR to avoid confusion with SNR (Signal Noise Ratio)
  • Improvements to tuner AGC scheme
  • Improvements to DC offset scheme
  • Removed unused buttons in SP1/SP2 windows
  • LO display in RSP advanced window and the SP1 window
  • Change defaults (LNA OFF / AGC ON)
  • Added RDS PTY support


Click here to download the release notes (PDF).

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2 thoughts on “SDRuno: Version 1.03 now available

  1. Michael Fortner

    I tried SDRuno and could not get it to work with my RTL-SDR in Windows 7, so I uninstalled it. Then I started having problems with SDRSharp and HDSDR where they will work for a little while, then crash. Going into task manager it shows the program still running, but I’m not able to terminate it with either task manager or KillProcess.exe. If I try reloading any SDR software after the crash, it hangs up and as well with nothing on the screen but now two hung SDR programs showing, with neither one being able to be killed. This keeps going on until I reboot Win 7 when the whole process starts again. I’ve reloaded the latest versions of .Net and Visual C++ with no relief. Does anybody have any ideas on what got borked and how I can fix it again, or is my short experiment with SDR over with?


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