Videos of the PantronX Titus II DRM receiver

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Tom Ally, who shares the following short videos of the PantronX Titus II:

Click here to view on YouTube.

Click here to download.

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3 thoughts on “Videos of the PantronX Titus II DRM receiver

  1. Lee

    The will definately be interest from real radio enthusiats the world over and people unable to access the Internet.I certainly would like one even though I have access to Internet and can easily listen to just about any radio station .

  2. jay

    I have been looking into DRM shortwave, and its is a real plus, but perhaps a technology taking place too late in the history to technology. For example I can go to the Air India web site and receive in full range stereo not only the international broadcasts ,but virtually any broadcast in India.
    Still the digital idea is intriguing for shortwave, but is there enough demand to really get anything off the ground?


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