BBC Director-General’s goal? “A Netflix of the spoken word”

Lord Tony Hall (Source: BBC)

Lord Tony Hall (Source: BBC)

(Source: BBC via Richard Langley)

“With our world-class content, we could use our current output and the richness of our archive to create a Netflix of the spoken word,” said Lord Hall.

“One of the big challenges I have set my teams is just that: to enhance our global audio offer. The BBC makes the best radio in the world. It is one of our crown jewels, and we have an extraordinary wealth of audio riches at our disposal.

“It’s one of the things that will help the BBC carry the full weight of Britain’s culture and values, knowledge and know-how to the world in the years ahead. And say something really important about modern Britain.”

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2 thoughts on “BBC Director-General’s goal? “A Netflix of the spoken word”

  1. svscoa

    BBC was great in all formats until Tony Blair became Prime Minister and converted it to a bully pulpit for his wild government. Program quality quickly declined and traditional British favorites in conservative regions began to disappear.

    Since BBC was hit by the massive Savile pedophile scandals, the current Director doesn’t have much to work with. I certainly wouldn’t pay for it on a Netflix-type platform. UK taxpayers already subsidize it.

  2. Lawrence Harris

    Maybe someone ought to tell him that all I can hear on shortwave radio is Radio China International loud and clear, across all wavebands, while bbc is but a scratchy whimper on one waveband on a good day. There is also Radios Turkey, Greece and Rumania also very loud and clear spoken in excellent English, which is something the bbc should pay attention to with their dreadful regional accents policy!


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