Possible Tecsun PL-880 hidden feature: Noise reduction adjustment?

PL-880 (1)

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Paul, who writes:

While putzing around with my new Tecsun PL-880 that I got while browsing at Universal Radio’s store in Columbus OH, I found what appears to be an adjustable noise reduction function.

Firmware level: 8820
Mfg date: probably August 2016 (201608 from the serial number inside the tilt stand)

Here are the steps to check it out;

When in a shortwave band, press “4” until either “ON” or “OFF” appears in the display.
If it displays “OFF”, press 4 briefly to clear, then long press again until “ON” appears.

Then, long press “9” until a two digit number appears.

Use either tuning knob to increase or decrease the number.

The number appears to correspond with the DbM threshold of the received signal.

Perhaps someone can play with the feature and elaborate on its function.

Hope this is useful, let me know.

Thank you for sharing, Paul!  I do wonder if this adjustment could affect the DNR setting (check out this previous post as well).

Post readers: Has anyone else been able to replicate and test this hidden feature? Please comment!

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5 thoughts on “Possible Tecsun PL-880 hidden feature: Noise reduction adjustment?

  1. Asad I. Khan

    Tested on Pl-880 firmware version. 8820. NR threshold setting works exactly as described in this article. My key 4 setting was already ‘ON’. Pressing key 9 brings up a counter, which when raised with tuning knob is able to cut off the background noise.

  2. Tamas

    Just a warning: Use this feature at your own risk!

    I tried it out and now even after turning it off the radio emits an annoying high pitched buzzing… really sad too I was really loving this radio 🙁

    1. Thomas Post author

      Hi, Tamas, Did you try doing a full reset to see if this cures the “high-pitched buzzing” issue? Here’s a clip from the manual on how to do a reset: PL-880 Reset Function

  3. JRH

    It is unfortunate that these “hidden features” are not documented, How dod we really know what they do or to use them properly use them
    For example…I find that feature 6 does not work unless feature 4 in ON.
    What does that mean??


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