RAE-Argentina to the World: Actualidad DX show in English


Many thanks to Adrian Korol, at RAE, for sharing the following information about their new DX program. Adrian writes:

In this link you’ll find 2 episodes from Actualidad-DX in English:


Click here to listen on the Spreaker audio website.

Actualidad-DX brings you the latest news of the radio world, the short waves, the media, the telecommunications, the DX, the ham radio and the digital context every week. A production of RAE Argentina to the world, edited by Arnaldo Slaen, in the voice of Mirian Turkula of the English Team of RAE

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3 thoughts on “RAE-Argentina to the World: Actualidad DX show in English

  1. Robert Gulley

    Thanks for the links, Thomas – I think this will be an interesting series based on the ones produced so far. Looking forward to catching them on the radio on Saturdays (assuming the geomagnetic storm gods allow such a thing!) and getting a QSL response.

    1. Thomas Post author

      I agree, Robert. And the cool thing is it’s a program actually focused on the radio DXer! Not many of those around these days. I think it’s pretty cool what they’re doing at RAE.

      1. Robert Gulley

        I would also add the audio captures they play on there really make you realize there is A LOT of signals out there waiting to be heard – we just have to work a little harder for them now. Cheers!


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