A “New” Tecsun PL-310ET $26.54 shipped


While browsing Amazon.com this morning, I noted a bargain price for what is described as a new Tecsun PL-310ET: $26.54 including shipping.

This is a great price, but there are a couple of red flags worth noting and that made me a little hesitant to post:

  • This item ships from Spain, so it’ll likely come via the postal service and may take several weeks to arrive if you live outside of the EU
  • More importantly, the seller has no history with Amazon–their status indicates “just launched”
  • The photo is of the Tecsun PL-310ET, but the item description states PL-310 (non-ETM version--thanks for noting, Joe!) I would ask the seller to clarify this prior to purchasing

If you’re willing to take a gamble, this might be a good deal. I assume Amazon would stand behind you–still, “Caveat emptor!”

Click here to view on Amazon.com.

Note that the standard pricing of the PL-310ET is only about $40-45 shipped either via Amazon or via eBay. A great bargain for a great little receiver.

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