Possible record auction price for a Panasonic RF-8000


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who discovered this excellent condition Panasonic RF-8000 which recently sold on eBay for $5,100 US:


Dan believes this is possibly a record price for this receiver. I would tend to agree. It does look like a beautiful receiver.

Any SWLing Post readers own a Panasonif RF-8000? What do you think of it?

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12 thoughts on “Possible record auction price for a Panasonic RF-8000

  1. electrosound

    There is one currently (Feb 2023) on ebay. It is apparently in Canada and they are asking $10,000 Canadian dollars! Most of the leather has rotted away, but otherwise seems OK.

  2. Mantas

    Hi Guys

    How much i can ask for Panasonic rf 8000 as it is, not working but lights comes on when coneccted to power. Leather cover is worn out.

  3. Paolo Viappiani

    Wonderful but a bit old receiver, surely a collector item. Unfortunately the leather covering is often in bad conditions, it spoils easily.
    Please be aware that some Internet offers for RF-8000 are scams, you pay in advance for the item and do not receive anything. Often these frauds are originated in Portugal, it is better not to accept offers from Portuguese sellers and from fake trasportation firms.

  4. Paolo Viappiani

    I warn everyone about recent Internet fraud attempts concerning National Panasonic RF-8000 and RF-9000 portable receivers. The two items are quite rare and are currently offered on the Internet at high prices, normally more than $2,000-$3,000 each.
    But they appears also on some European advertisement websites (also in Italy and in Germany); if you ask for info, you’ll be contacted soon by a guy from Portugal, who offers to handle the purchase through a “trust company” of his confidence (beware of this, it is a nice-appearing but a fake website!).
    Then, he requests that the amount for the radio ad its shipping costs is sent via a bank wire transfer to the fake transportation company.
    After that you never hear anything from the seller again.
    If you need more details, please contact me at pviappiani-at-tin.it
    Best regards, 73!

    1. Paolo Viappiani

      Hi Victor, I could be interested in your rf-8000. Could you please send me some pictures and specify the item conditions and the price you request? Thank you very much.
      [email protected]

  5. Paul Bigelow

    I saw one for sale at a Rich’s department store in Atlanta, Ga, 77-78. It made a lasting impression on me with the size, the extended antenna and the loop antenna. Except for pictures on the internet, I’ve haven’t seen one since.


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