Icom IC-7200 back in production

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave Zantow (N9EWO), who writes:

Just FYI. Yes, the Icom IC-7200 is “Back in Production”

” The Icom IC-7200 HF DSP Transceiver is back in production once again (at least for now). Unknown if any part / design changes had to be made to make this possible ? Let’s hope they are using better quality Chinese fans ?? We TRIED 2 brand new samples near the end of the last run and it’s internal “Dual Mini Chinese Fans” BOTH squealed like a pig.[…]”

See my news page for the latest info on this (among other latest happenings including a bit more on the Sangean 909X saga).


Thank you, Dave, for the tip!

I believe the Icom IC-7200 has one of the best general coverage receivers on the market under $1000. I pointed this out in my General Coverage Transceiver review from 2014. I should hope that ham radio clubs might take note about the re-introduction of the IC-7200 and consider purchasing it over the less expensive IC-718 for Field Day or club station use. I’m no fan of the IC-718 as it’s a miserable performer in RF-rich environments like Field Day and radio contests.

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11 thoughts on “Icom IC-7200 back in production

  1. Ross

    I’m pleased to see the IC-7200 back in production!
    I have two of these transceivers , one in an RV and the other on the shack desk alongside an FT-1000D , IC-765 and a pair of IC-7410’s.
    Value for money , robust and very reliable the IC-7200 punches well above its weight class and is IMHO the best transceiver in its price range.
    No it doesn’t have a built in tuner, no FM, but it has a very hot receiver with excellent selectivity options, the DSP (optional in some markets) is IF and works very well alongside a tracking notch filter.
    Twin passband tuning and excellent digital mode performance.
    The finals are rated well above the output (100 watts) and although not small is robust and solid enough for portable field work.
    It makes an excellent SWL receiver and in my experience outperforms the IC-718 and FT 450D.
    (Although the FT 450D has an inbuilt tuner it is not very broad and an outboard tuner auto or manual will provide a superior match.)
    I’m sure it will continue to sell well at the US $900 mark.
    It hears as well as my other transceivers and is a simple rig to operate and I find amply sufficient for most amateur use.

  2. Cap

    The IC-7200 is one of the best radios I owned and actually regretted selling it.
    Hot receiver with good filtering and dsp, not surprised it’s back in production.
    Companies don’t put kit back into production if it’s rubbish or won’t sell….hint hint!
    Pretty sure it was designed for the military market and sold off for hams et al. It’s a bit heavy/clunky to lug about but still a great radio.
    Can be had on the secondhand market for a very good price.

    1. Ken Hansen n2vip

      I don’t think it was made for military market – if it was, there would be a similar radio without frequency restrictions in the product line – it was built like marine radios (splashproof) with a military ‘appearance’.

  3. Mark AB0CW

    I have had one of these radios for a couple years now. It is the one rig I use for any digital mode stuff ( like PSK31, JT65, etc ). It has a built-in soundcard and is just super simple to use ( only need a USB cable to connect to your computer – no extra audio cables, PTT lines, etc ) for digi-modes or decoding. Really a nice rig and inexpensive ! Works great on CW too !!

    1. Ken Hansen n2vip

      A nice radio alternative to the IC-7200 would be the new Yaesu FT-891, it’s the size of a typical dual-band radio with a removable ‘head’. It also has a USB Port for rig control and audio in/out with a lower retail price (under $800) than the IC-7200.

  4. Ken Hansen n2vip

    I was dubious, but just checked and Universal, Gigaparts, and HRO all show it as orderable.

    Speaking with HRO’s purchasing agent they had a parts supply issue which has been resolved, and the radios are back in full production (not limited number).

    The radio was re-released on Jan. 2, 2017, but the Icom America website does not show the product as currently available (yet).

  5. Tha Dood

    I used one of these rigs for Field Day 2016 and found it to be a good contest rig. On crowded 75M and 40M I could narrow the bandwidths to bring stations in. And anyone I heard, I was able to work. I wouldn’t want this as my general coverage rig, since it just doesn’t have the pleasing audio that my Kenwood TS-2000 has, but for contesting and tough catches? Sure!

    1. Ken Hansen n2vip

      This is a well-loved radio for particular applications, many hams will be happy to see it’s return.


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