Sony ICF-SW7600GR: New and open box units on sale via Blinq

SWLing Post readers know that I’m a big fan of the, now discontinued, Sony ICF-SW7600GR shortwave portable. I try to post ‘7600GR deals when I find them and they’re beginning to become more scarce as retailer inventory depletes.

This weekend, I found another deal via Blinq/Amazon.

They have a number of new ICF-SW7600GRs for $138.39 and about 3 (at time of posting) listed as “Open Box” for $108.39.

Click here to view on Amazon.

Click here to view on

I’ve bought a number of items via Blinq (directly and through Amazon) in the past and found that the retailer is not only reliable but has a very generous return policy if you’re not satisfied. You can buy from them directly or through Amazon with confidence.

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2 thoughts on “Sony ICF-SW7600GR: New and open box units on sale via Blinq

  1. Guy Atkins

    Like many receivers lately, the price of the ICF-SW7600GR has fluctuated quite a bit. Just a couple of months ago I also purchased this model from Blinq (a fine retailer with great return policies as you mention, Thomas).

    Whenb it arrived, the box was a bit beat up, but the radio itself was pristine. My price was just $72.00 shipped. The information on the Blinq site didn’t say it was missing the soft case, however, so I contacted customer service. They couldn’t provide one, but immediately refunded $10 of my purchase price! That kind of service helps build customer loyalty.

    An Amazon Basics padded & zippered case for tablets fits the ICF-SW7600GR very well; I believe it was the 7-inch model.

    73, Guy

  2. Rod Wallberg

    SONY ICF-7600GR is the last of the ‘old school’ receivers and still available. The model number has been used for over 30 years beginning with the ICF-7600 (A and AW versions existed). Not quite the same, an analog receiver with five shortwave bands, LW, MW and FM. It first appeared around 1979.
    In 1983 the SONY ICF7600D was released, a digital receiver with 10 memories, coverage to 30 mHz, direct tuning and frequency readout. Included is SSB/CW reception. A nice receiver and had similar models as the ICF-2002 and ICF-2003.
    Then the SONY ICF-7600 was released about the same year. Similar to the 7600D but a different case style with a larger display. This format stayed with the ICF-7600G and ICF-7600GR. The last two had the addition of SYNC or synchronous detection. The 7600 had the notorious problem with poor capacitors but repaired it could survive.
    Very good reception for the last releases, I used my early ICF-7600 for NDB (Non Directional Beacon) reception on the LW band. Just on the built in ferrite rod!

    73 KB8DNS


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