VORW Radio International now broadcasting weekly over shortwave

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, John, who hosts TheReportOfTheWeek channel on YouTube and writes:

My radio program “VORW Radio International” is now regularly back on shortwave, heard weekly to Europe and North America.

VORW stands for “Voice Of theReportoftheWeek” – TheReportOfTheWeek is my YouTube Channel which mainly features reviews of various items, as well as talk programs. This is the radio service thereof.

The program features a mixture of talk and music, and is a request-driven show, so the music has a great deal of variety to it. You can expect music from any time and genre to get played!

The broadcast schedule is as follows:

Thursday 2000 UTC – 2100 UTC – 6070 kHz To Europe
Friday 0100 UTC – 0200 UTC – 7490 kHz To North America

If you do listen, please send feedback and reception reports to “vorwinfo@gmail.com“.

Very cool, John! Happy to hear you have a regular schedule to Europe and North America. We’ll be listening!

7 thoughts on “VORW Radio International now broadcasting weekly over shortwave

  1. Ross Hochstrasser

    Signal is loud and clear on 9395 20 miles south of Boston Massachusetts. I am listening on 2 radios right now, a U.S. Navy WWII RBC/4 made by RCA and a General Dynamics R-1051(for frequency confirmation)
    I like the programming!! Keep up the good work! Ross W1EKG 73’s

  2. Don Hetherington

    Hi there I was listening to your program this evening and it was the first time i have heard it. The signal was good and steady. There was a bit of static but not bad. this was at 2036 utc and at freq. 11580 khz. I believe the relay station is WRMI. I would so enjoy a QSL card from you as it is a first encounter with your station. I really like the diversity of music you play and i hope to keep receiving your broadcasts. I am located approximately 8 kilometres from Fredericton which is in the province of New Brunswick on Canada’s east coast. My equipment is a Grundig s350 and a Radio Shack dx300 with a 45 foot long wire running not/south and another 45 foot long wire running east/west. Keep up the good work and cheers for now.

    73s Don Hetherington

  3. Alex Farrugia

    i am listening to VORW radio on 9400kHz with a good signal with a little fading (1650GMT). I was receiving the signal outside on the terrace using my good old sony 2001d (2010) with its whip antenna when you were transmitting a song of the group queen (forgot which one it was). I wonder why the station is not listed on https://www.shortwaveschedule.com/?now=true. I am now following the transmission on a kenwood ts 570D transceiver connected to an inverted v antenna.
    73’s Alex 9H5AS location Malta

  4. Michal Lackovi?

    Hi there, greetings from Edinburgh Scotland. I tune in every Sunday on 9400 kHz via Tecsun PL-310 ET. If I Can get to higher grounds, the whip antenna is enough, reception is clear and stable with no fading at all. Thank you for playing good music of diverse genres. Also it is very interesting to hear reports from other fellow listeners mentioning where they’re able to catch the signal!

    Keep up, great work.


  5. Martin

    Also I heard this VORW radio signal at 5850 (1000-1030 UTC) with real SINPO=55555. I am located northern Mexico (Durango) and I used an AR-3000A communications receiver coupled to a vertical multi band antenna. They play nice oldies songs and read signal reports from SWLs .

    Best regards from Mexico and 73


  6. Steve

    Excellent listening this evening on WRMI relay, 5850 khz. Using a 1958 RCA International receiver, manufactured in West Germany. Your signal was Q5 and strong. My antenna is a “center fed” dipole at 65′.
    I’ve been a Radio Amateur for over 45 years and collect many vintage radios. It is a pleasure to hear your broadcast. Please keep up the good work and sharing the value of SWbroadcasting to the world!
    vri 73,
    Steve w8tow


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