Dennis’ photos of Good Luck Point prior to WOO remnants being removed

As we mentioned last month, the remnants of WOO at Good Luck Point are slated to be removed soon. Many thanks to our intrepid SWLing Post contributor, Dennis Dura, who shares the following excellent photos he took at Good Luck Point yesterday. Dennis notes:

I finally got to the site [Saturday] afternoon.

All the towers are still there!

There was some construction next to the old AT&T building, but zero work on the poles…Who knows for how long though? So if anyone wants to visit they should do it soon.

Here’s all the pictures I shot. They start with my entry on Bayview Avenue heading east then back out again.

Thank you so much for sharing your excellent photos, Dennis! Since I don’t live near Good Luck Point, I appreciate the virtual tour through your photos!

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4 thoughts on “Dennis’ photos of Good Luck Point prior to WOO remnants being removed

  1. Tom Gilfoy

    Very sorry to hear about all this. I worked at the receiving site as a contractor on and off for a few years. I actually miss going there. There were a bunch of great guys that I met. They told me stories about the good old days when it was in full swing.
    N2Wly 12/2020

  2. Ron Ellwood

    Thank you for the collection of pictures, I will certainly steal all of them for my ‘Olden Days Album’. I always think it’s a shame when any radio installation is pulled down, more so these specialized maritime station. I guess we shall never the like again.
    Thank you.


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