eBay find: The IFR Aeoroflex T-1200SRA

The Aeoroflex T-1200SRA receiver

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mario Filippi (N2HUN), who writes:

Every once in a while an IFR (Instrument Flight Research, a.k.a. Aeroflex) T-1200SRA comes up for auction, it is a sophisticated receiver covering LF-HF-VHF-UHF with built-in spectrum analyzer.

Click here to view on eBay.

Some claim these were used by the FCC for surveillance. I can believe that as IFR is a professional manufacturer of commercial radio test equipment. I have their 500A service monitor.

Beautiful receiver, but this one is way overpriced. They usually start around a grand or so with a “Make Offer” contingency. One was sold in December for $481.

Click here to search eBay for a T-1200SRA.

Thank you for sharing this, Mario! Knowing the IFR is essentially a piece of test equipment, I’m very curious how it  might compare with a similarly-priced tabletop (broadcast) radio.

Post readers: Anyone else own a IFR T-1200SRA?

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8 thoughts on “eBay find: The IFR Aeoroflex T-1200SRA

    1. Mark Thompson

      Is the T-1200SR pretty much a 1200SRA ??
      Interested to know..

      there’s was a 1200SRA on ebay recently in Japan i think, wanting over $2000 but it did have a DF unit in the lid as well.

  1. Mark Thompson

    Just bought one off ebay for a massive £50 GBP.
    now to find a service manual or just a manual would be nice.
    hope to use this as a spectrum analyser more than a receiver but we’ll see.

  2. John

    I built all 30 of them. No they were not used by the FCC. The T-1200SR (also quantity 30) was built for the FCC for radio triangulation cars.

    1. Ian Foster - VK3ST

      Hello John,
      Wonder if you can confirm the actual number of T 1200SR units were actually built? Is it the 30 you mention or was that just the radio Triangulation group that you were referring to?
      If this was the only production run, are you able to give a year or year group for that run and further, I am curious why there was no further run on a dedicated receiver even though the likes of the 1200 S Super, the 1500 and later the 1900 (all of which I have) was not continued.

  3. mike

    Anyone else own a IFR T-1200SRA?

    Yes, got 2 recently, one recently quited; actually on my bench seeking what the issue is


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