Shortwave Radio Recordings: Radio Romania International

Like a lot of shortwave radio listeners, since I was a kid, I’ve enjoyed tuning my radio to parts of the world where events are unfolding.  There’s something tangible–something that is transportive–when you listen to a news coming directly from the source, on air and originating from halfway across the planet.

I believe, listening to government broadcasters, you get a much better picture of what is actually happening. For example, sometimes the broadcaster devotes the whole news hour to an important event, or (perhaps even more telling!) doesn’t mention anything at all! The Voice of Turkey comes to mind as a recent example.

Yesterday evening, I tuned to Radio Romania International–one of my favorite little international broadcasters.

If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know that there have been six consecutive days of massive protests to stop a Romanian law that would have eased corruption penalties. This is the sort of thing a lot of broadcasters– being the mouthpiece for their current administration or ruling party–would either ignore or bury in their news report.

I was happy to hear that RRI at least featured the protest as their very first news item.

This recording was made on 5,960 kHz starting at 0100 UTC on February 06, 2017. Receiver used was a WinRadio Excalibur with a large horizontal delta loop antenna here in North Carolina. The following recording includes a few minutes of the RRI interval signal. Enjoy:

Click here to download as an MP3.

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6 thoughts on “Shortwave Radio Recordings: Radio Romania International

  1. Rafman

    What is even more interesting is RRI in DRM. They remain active & I have recorded a couple of their broadcasts on my Youtube page at
    While DRM remains elusive as a mainstay mode, RRI seems to be committed to both analog & DRM broadcasts.
    If only we had SDRs back in the days of Moscow, DW, Netherlands & vast others… I’d have alot more recordings before they left the air…

  2. Tudor Vedeanu

    RRI is usually very objective. Unlike Turkey, in Romania the freedom of speech is guaranteed and respected. The current ruling party has a couple of friendly TV channels where they can manipulate and distort the truth all day long, that’s why they don’t really care about radio. So feel free to enjoy the RRI news, they’re okay.

    1. Thomas Post author

      I agree, Tudor–and you should certainly know! RRI has always reported domestic news pretty objectively. I love them, too–I’ll often listen to their French language service. The Romanian language service has some pretty amazing music.

  3. DanH

    I hear Radio Romania International well in northern California during favorable conditions. I am a long time classical music buff so their music selections appeal to me. RRI will QSL reception reports. I sent an electronic QSL via their website on September 16, 2016. They mailed the reply package December 8 and I received it a couple of weeks later. RRI sent me a full color QSL card on glossy stock, a two color RRI self-adhesive sticker, a full color winter schedule and a thank you letter inviting me to join their Listener’s Club. This is like shortwave listening used to be.


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