Panasonic RF-2200: Mario spots the model RD-9820 matching coupler

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mario Filippi (N2HUN), who writes:

This antenna coupler was the companion for the RF-2200, they come up once in a while on eBay. Just some radio memorabilia/trivia to store away in the SWL file of brain hihi.

Click here to view on eBay.

Thank you, Mario! Until last year or so, I wasn’t aware the RF-220 had a matching coupler. I’m sure radio collectors would jump on one of these in good condition. It’s a lot to pay for a simple coupler, though this seller appears to accept best offers.

The great thing about eBay is if you’re looking for something rare and are willing to pay for it, the world is your oyster.

On the other hand, there’s exactly what Mario implies: many of us find eBay to be an amazing resource for discovering rare radio items, tucking them away in the dark recesses of our radio brains, which then helps us spot them when they pop up at local hamfests, swap meets, yard sales or thrift stores!

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2 thoughts on “Panasonic RF-2200: Mario spots the model RD-9820 matching coupler

  1. Luke Perry

    I saw a different one from a international seller but this was was NIB. He was asking something like $1,000 or more. I think he will be waiting awhile for that price! I have one and it is essentially a standard antenna tuner. The longwire that comes with it is something like 50 feet or so and it is very heavy gauge wire. I had to take mine down because I was not able to run the wire all the way out to a tree (I live in a Condo) and was getting better results with a amplified antenna. I am going to wait until we get a house to pull it out so I can switch between passive and amplified depending on what is working better at any given time.

  2. DanH

    eBay works well for me at times. Often, vendors will sell the same new items they feature on Amazon for less on eBay. I’ve had very good luck buying NOS vacuum tubes (especially JAN tubes) on eBay, but it pays to watch, know the market and buy when the deals happen. Collectible radios go for premium prices on eBay.


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