“The Shipping Forecast” read by Perkins and Fry

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, David (G4EDR), who writes:

Hi Thomas

I know a number of readers to the SWLing Post like to hear the UK Shipping Forecast read on the BBC. It is always transmitted by an announcer with impeccable clarity and authority. I came across the following on YouTube which, if you have not heard it before is quite amusing.
David – G4EDR

‘The Shipping Forecast’ Read by Brian Perkins on YouTube.

That is hilarious, Dave!  Thank you for sharing! After listening to Perkins read the forecast, YouTube suggested I also listen a version by Stephen Fry. Here’s it is:

Click here to view/listen on YouTube.

How fun! As I’ve mentioned before, I used to listen to the shipping forecast regularly when I lived in the UK. I really do miss hearing it over the air. State side, my only two options are to stream it via Radio 4 or (better) tune in via the U Twente (or similar European) WebSDR.

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2 thoughts on ““The Shipping Forecast” read by Perkins and Fry

  1. Frank Holden

    I am listening to RNZI on 9765 most evenings and have found myself a little bit fixated on the weather forecast…

    The Chatham Islands are at the end of the list… and it always seems to be raining there… but they are creative with it….

    This evening .. ‘Fine spells, increasing’

    Or in plain speak… not raining quite as much…


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