Hemingway and a Zenith Tranoceanic?

In a Twitter exchange yesterday @dean_frey shared the photo above of Ernest Hemingway on Safari in Kenya in 1952.

I believe this may be a Zenith Transcoceanic model H500. Could a Transoceanic expert in the Post community confirm of correct me? Please comment!

I know this: I love Earl Thiesen photos.

Thanks for sharing, Dean!

Check out Dean’s twitter feed for other vintage photos.

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7 thoughts on “Hemingway and a Zenith Tranoceanic?

  1. DanH

    It’s a 500, all right. 500’s had the wide “airplane” (rotary) style dial . These were followed in 1954 by the 600 series Trans-Oceanics that featured “slide rule” dials. I own nice working examples of both. These radios were very long-lived. Also in the photo is a vintage bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup.


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