More info about KIMF

KIMF transmitter site (Source: James Planck via Facebook)

KIMF transmitter building (Source: James Planck via Facebook)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mike Barraclough, who writes:

Photos of the site were posted in December. Mauno Ritola posted in the WRTH Facebook group January 26 that “James Planck informs, that KIMF Battle Mountain NV, USA plans to start operation around 1st April on shortwave. Time will tell, if the plan is realistic.”

Click here to view photos on Facebook.

Many thanks, Mike, for sharing this info. Note that these Facebook photos are listed as public, so a Facebook account is not needed for viewing.

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5 thoughts on “More info about KIMF

  1. Walt

    Sorry, but wasn’t this the station that returned it’s license to the FCC just recently, or am I mistaken?

    1. Dan...VR2HF

      How can that possibly be a 50KW transmitter (minimum power required on SW in the USA). And isn’t electrical wiring in a commercial building supposed to be in conduit? The rhombic is so low to the ground it almost looks like and maybe works mostly works as a kind of NVIS antenna.

  2. Edward

    My hat’s off to him. If the FCC grants a license, godspeed to Jim. This may be the future of SW broadcasting


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