WBCQ files application for a new transmitter and antenna

Many thanks to an intrepid SWLing Post reader who shares the following FCC application from Allan Weiner at WBCQ:

Click here to download.

I contacted Allan and asked if he could provide any details yet. His reply was almost poetic:

“It’s simple. WBCQ will be constructing one of the biggest, most powerful, most versatile shortwave transmitter and antenna systems in the world. All for free speech radio. Freedom.”

Now that is something I want to see happen! We love WBCQ!

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6 thoughts on “WBCQ files application for a new transmitter and antenna

  1. Tha Dood

    Now, I’m trying to get Radio Survivor to cover Allan’s and WBCQ history. I’ve told them, ya want a real radio survivor? Check out this station’s history!

  2. Kire

    I listen to WBCQ when I can (usually evenings) in California, a very enjoyable station. I believe 100% in Allans approach and feel Shortwave is the best medium for true freedom of expression.

  3. Tom Reitzel

    Yes, Allan and his crew at WBCQ seem to be terrific people. Allan, hopefully the new transmitter will be capable of broadcasting digital on SW, i.e. DRM.


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