4KZ: More info about Australia’s new shortwave broadcaster

Many thanks to Al Kirton, the General Manager at NQ Radio, who has kindly shared a few more details about NQ Radio and, specifically, 4KZ:

Hello Thomas

NQ Radio operates about 20 AM & FM transmitters in North Queensland, Australia. Our stations are 4KZ, 4AM, 4AY, KIK FM & KOOL FM.

In a couple of months or so we will be establishing a 4KZ shortwave service on 5055 kHz with 1 kilowatt.

The antenna is designed to give primary coverage from 200 km to 800 km from Innisfail. We suspect it will be heard with a low quality signal much further away.


Al Kirton
General Manager

Many thanks, Al! We’ll be listening!

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9 thoughts on “4KZ: More info about Australia’s new shortwave broadcaster

  1. Scott Abraham

    I want to listen to 4KZ here in outback Qld. Mount Isa to the gulf. What short wave radio should I purchase

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  3. Tom Reitzel

    Lower power shortwave broadcasters are the future. If these upstarts can be convinced that DRM on shortwave is the future (it is), then the world will be a much safer (no Spynet) and better place. If utilized properly, DRM can significantly increase revenue for both the station and its advertisers via smart advertising, locally and on a wider scale.

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