WRMI shifts from 6855 kHz to 9455 kHz

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Marty Meyers, who shares the following notice from WRMI (via Facebook):

6855 kHz off air

Due to interference with a U.S. Army frequency, WRMIhas been asked to vacate 6855 kHz. We are now off of this frequency. However, a replacement frequency of 9455 kHz has been assigned, and we expect to be on the air on 9455 kHz sometime next week. This frequency will be directed primarily to the Southwestern United States and Mexico, although it will probably be audible in other areas as well, depending on propagation conditions.

Thanks for the tip, Marty!

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5 thoughts on “WRMI shifts from 6855 kHz to 9455 kHz

  1. Cap

    Was 6855kHz even legal to transmit on? us hams go mental when an ‘intruder’ enroaches on our bands like 7.0-7.1MHz.
    I suppose a go anywhere for broadcasters as long as you don’t cause interference?…erm, probably not the best approach.
    Weird to be outside of the official BC bands anyhow, I never go near 6855kHz.when tuning for BC stations.

    1. Frederick Boerner

      I find it strange that they would fire up on 9.455 due to the fact that they have been on 9.395 (the old Global 24 freq. they used) that true (?) news was using until a short time back. I have been listening to music on 9.455 from WRMI and have QSL to confirm. They have put a few programs, and even a SWL type program on. However the rest of the time it is music. Give it an hour or so and I am sure you will hear something you like. They play everything from the long version of In-A-Gada-Da-Vita to Tom Jones. I hope they can keep it going. It sure beats listening to Bro. Scare on a dozen other freqs. 24/7. A good signal into Ark. from about 5 A.M. to 8 P.M. +/- grey line. I listen to it in the background while at work now that radio Australia is off.


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