Any leads on this Sony plug?

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Paul Beckett, who writes with the following question for our community:

Hi Thomas

I am hoping you may be able to help identify the fly lead plug which fits on the jack plug of the Sony mains adapter lead for the 2001D. It terminates in a four pin female socket but i cannot find any description of it on the internet.

Appreciate any info if you recognise it. It is definitely part of the 2001D “kit” as the plug is clearly marked “Sony” and was among my radio “bits”.



Post readers: can anyone help Paul identify this particular 2001D plug so that he can search for a replacement on the Internet? If so, please comment!

5 thoughts on “Any leads on this Sony plug?

  1. Dan Robinson

    This has nothing to do with a 2001D, but does go with the CRF-160 and/or CRF-320/330Ks…..
    can’t recall which but this is definitely not a SONY 2010 plug..

  2. James Patterson

    Re the 2001D plug and power supply,I live in New Zealand.We are on 230 volts AC here and use a three pin power plug.The 6 volt DC power supply unit supplied by Sony has a plug far different from the one in question.However I can not post a photo of it here.I shall try and post the photos to Thomas he maybe able to put them up on this post.


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