WRMI now relaying Radio Tirana on shortwave

(Source: WRMI)

Recently Radio Tirana in Albania ended its broadcasts on shortwave. Radio Tirana’s programs were legendary during the years of the Cold War, when it was one of the strongest signals on the shortwave bands. Its programming is entirely different now in a free Albania, but the signal was quite poor in recent years, at least in the Americas.

Now, WRMI will be relaying Radio Tirana’s daily English program Monday-Saturday at 2300 UTC on 5850 kHz to North America, beginning today, April 27, 2017.

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5 thoughts on “WRMI now relaying Radio Tirana on shortwave

  1. david putnam

    lived in France for a couple years and cruised off to never never land those many summer 2004-6 eves listening to a station on either 7240 or 7420. can’t remember which, and always enjoyed their folk music seeming to be live in the studio. so….back to California and haven’t a clue how to find them again. never knew where they were (didn’t understand their language). just had a feeling it was further down the Mediterranean somewhere. any advice for this old bluegrass banjo player?

  2. Jim Tedfordq

    This is a surreal development for those who listened to shortwave back in the cold war, 1960s/1970s/1980s. Radio Tirana was a strong signal and regular reception in North America. I have numerous QSLs from them . The programming was mostly vituperative commentary on the evils of the West, mostly the U.S. capitalist system. Oh, and endless praise of how Comrade Hoxa saved the Albanian people from the endless slavery of the Nazis, and after the war, the USA.

    Haven’t been able to hear them over the air on HF the past several years. Thank God WRMI has remedied that.

    (Yes, I do thank them; it will be good to easily hear what’s going on in Albania in the modern era.)


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