WRTH update to A17 schedule

(Source: Sean Gilbert via WRTH on Facebook)

WRTH has now released the A17 International broadcasting schedules file.
The PDF file is 75 pages long and contains the broadcast schedules of nearly 200 International and Clandestine/Target broadcasters; Selected language broadcasts; International DRM broadcasts; International MW and SW frequency listing and an International transmitter site table.

The file is free to download and can be used as a standalone item, but it is best utilised in conjunction with the printed WRTH.

Go to http://www.wrth.com and follow the links for the A17 pdf download.
Please feel free to propagate this message to your friends/colleagues and via your various social media platforms and groups.

Happy listening/DXing,
WRTH Editorial Team

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2 thoughts on “WRTH update to A17 schedule

    1. Rob Wagner

      In fairness to the WRTH company, it’s not “convoluted” to direct people to their website for this free update. People who download this pdf may also wish to purchase the 2017 Handbook or other products as well. There is also the option (although no obligation) to make a donation for the work done in compiling this update. If WRTH just gave the link direct to the pdf, people would not see or interact with the website. That seems fair enough to me.


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