KiwiSDR network updates include native HF FAX

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mark Fahey, who writes:

Lots happening with KiwiSDR – there are now over 130 live 0-30MHz fully controllable SDRs scatted around the world some in really interesting locations. Using Kiwi’s around the world is like being able to go on a exotic DXpedition any time.

Here (attached graphic) is a map of the current locations, you can see the live status of online receivers here:

and as a list of receivers here:

KiwiSDRs now include HF Fax reception natively, just select Fax in the Extension menu, select the part of the world you are interested in and the Kiwi will tune the weather fax frequency and receive the weather fax all natively (no extra software needed) – too easy!

Lots more great things happening.

Here is the latest news…


Thank you for the update, Mark! I had no idea the KiwiSDR app had an HF Fax extension. After reading your message, I loaded a KiwiSDR session in Europe and used the Fax feature. It couldn’t have been easier. The screen grab (above) came from my first attempt.

The KiwiSDR network is truly amazing. I use it all the time–especially if there’s an important broadcast happening and I can’t easily receive it at home or while traveling. As an example, during the recent French elections, I listened to results roll in on France Inter mediumwave from a KiwiSDR in Italy. It felt like being there.

My one feature request would be that the KiwiSDR app include some form of native broadcast recording like the WebSDR at U Twente.

Many thanks for the update, Mark!

Click here to read about Mark’s KiwiSDR installation.

Would you like to host your own KiwiSDR?

The whole system only costs $299 US. The KiwiSDR site has a list of distributors around the world.

Amazon has units in stock at $299 US shipped.

I would have purchased a KiwiSDR ages ago–during their Kickstarter campaign–if I only had the Internet bandwidth at home to support it. My Internet speeds are likely lower than anyone else here in the SWLing Post community. One of the compromises living in a relatively remote spot with no RFI. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “KiwiSDR network updates include native HF FAX

  1. John Seamons (KiwiSDR)

    Hi everyone. I have to apologize for the lack of features on the FAX extension (no shear/slant adjustment, display scrolling, phasing detection, etc.) It was developed and released early as a debugging aid to help find an underlying problem with dropped samples in the audio IQ stream (which is going to negatively impact future capabilities). As you might imagine the FAX display is exquisitely sensitive to this compared to the human ear.

    As for the lack of audio recording. Note that the FAX extension has image recording. So most of the ground work required for audio recording has already been implemented. Which hopefully means it gets done sooner rather than later.

  2. Rich

    These have popped up on Massdrop a few times over the last few months and as I use one or more of them daily decided to pick one up which will be on the air in the next month of so from northern Maryland. Will probably put it on a Wellbook I have for a while and as the bands quite down this fall switch is to a NE to SW 500 beverage.

    1. Bill

      I’ll look forward to the beverage. If your place is quiet it’ll be interesting to see how longwave performs.

      1. Rich

        Pretty quiet. In winter when conditions are right I can here a few in Europe. Sometimes at listening level sometimes you can just tell they are there. I also use a LP filter to knock out the MW band.


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