Video: EB3DYW’s Homebrewed regenerative receiver

While browsing a videos on YouTube, I stumbled across this demonstration of a brilliant little homebrewed regen receiver by Javier Guillaumet (EB3DYW):

Click here to view on YouTube.

What a beautiful little receiver!

Though I’ve build a number of receiver kits, I’ve never built one from scratch. Someday, I will muster up the courage and do so, though!

If you like home-grow regen receivers, you must check out Dave Richards’s Sproutie II regen receiver as well. A true work of art!

Post readers: Do you have any homebrew projects to share? Please comment!

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4 thoughts on “Video: EB3DYW’s Homebrewed regenerative receiver

  1. karl keller

    When I really want to play “radio”, as opposed to just operating an “appliance”, I take out my Lafayette KT-135, generously gifted to me by Mike Simpson from “The Radio Board”. It sometimes takes three hands to properly operate a regen, but when you’ve got all your ducks in a row, how sweet it is. A simpler radio, from a simpler time, and if properly designed and executed, absolutely amazing. Please check out Mike’s webpage “The Analog Dial”, and if you love radio, you’ll be blown away.

    1. karl keller

      Originally designed by the genius Edwin Armstrong, the regenerative receiver is a simple TRF design that takes a portion of the received signal and returns it in a controlled loop, usually by a “tickler” coil and either a pot or a variable capacitor. As the regeneration is increased there are two benefits. First, the signal is amplified greatly, and secondly, as the regeneration is increased, the Q is multiplied, narrowing the bandwidth…absolutely brilliant. A regen can receive AM, CW and SSB, depending on the position of the regen control.


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