Dave unveils the Sproutie MK II regenerative receiver


My talented pal, Dave Richards, has built yet another home-brew regenerative receiver––which he dubs the Sproutie MK II––and wow, it’s a thing of beauty.

Dave tells me has been working on this receiver for many months, and upon viewing the following photos of it, it’s clear to see why he took his sweet time. As in his original Sproutie, a vintage HRO dial has taken pride of place as the centerpiece of his rig; it looks stunning.

But the Sproutie MK II is not only painstakingly-crafted on the outside; like Shaker furnishings, wrought for the eyes of God both outwardly and within, the interior of Dave’s receiver is equally well-crafted.

Okay, maybe that’s a little over the top…but if you doubt me, just join me in admiration of this board:


As for performance?  Of course, with such a clean interior, the Sproutie II performs like a champ.  Dave posted a few videos showing how his new receiver commands the airwaves and aptly handles AM, SSB, and CW.

That’s an amazing piece of kit you’ve created there, Dave!  Hats off to your incredible craftsmanship.

Check out Sproutie II on Dave’s blog, where you can read a full account of how he designed and built this gorgeous regen receiver.

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8 thoughts on “Dave unveils the Sproutie MK II regenerative receiver

  1. Dave AA7EE

    I’m humbled Thomas. Thank you so much for the mention! It feels good to have this project mostly completed so that I can relax and enjoy listening to it, and give my brain a short break. The trouble with home-brew projects though, is that there is always just one thing that needs a bit of a tweak. I just can’t help wondering what it would sound like, for instance, if I redesigned the filters in a certain way………

    It never ends!


    1. Thomas Post author

      All I can say is, Dave, you’ve raised the bar quite high on this one! I can’t wait to see what you build next! You’ve certainly inspired me to try to build from your plans.

      You are a talented fellow, AA7EE!

  2. Scott Gamble

    Wow, in typical Dave fashion, the radio is *beautiful*. I have been behind in reading his blog, but now that you called my attention to his new post I need to pour a glass of wine and savor both it and Dave’s build article!


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