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Video: EB3DYW’s Homebrewed regenerative receiver

While browsing a videos on YouTube, I stumbled across this demonstration of a brilliant little homebrewed regen receiver by Javier Guillaumet (EB3DYW):

Click here to view on YouTube.

What a beautiful little receiver!

Though I’ve build a number of receiver kits, I’ve never built one from scratch. Someday, I will muster up the courage and do so, though!

If you like home-grow regen receivers, you must check out Dave Richards’s Sproutie II regen receiver as well. A true work of art!

Post readers: Do you have any homebrew projects to share? Please comment!

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Silicon Labs DSP chip homebrew receiver

DSP-HomebrewThe Silicon Labs Si4730 series DSP receiver chip powers many of the portable shortwave radios currently on the market.

Manufacturers are not the only ones implementing the chip in receiver design, however; radio enthusiasts are too.

I recently discovered this short video by a Japanese hobbyist who implemented the Si4734 in his receiver design:

While I don’t speak Japanese, the author also has a webpage of detailed design notes you might check out (click here to view). I used Google translate for a rough English translation of the page.

Have any readers made a homebrew receiver from a Silicon Labs DSP chip? If so, please comment!

Click here to download the Si4734 product information sheet.

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A three transistor homebrew shortwave radio

(Photo source: netZener.net)

(Photo source: Instructables)

SWLing Post contributor, Richard Langley, writes:

Came across this site on building a 3-transistor shortwave radio similar to the kit offered by Radio Shack years ago:


It was featured on the Instructables site:


Very cool!  Thanks for sharing this, Richard.

When I have a little time, I’ll go through my parts box and see how many of these components I already have. The author also supplies an excellent assembly manual for download and print. It would be fantastic if someone would kit up the parts list and offer it as a package. Regardless, this will make for a fun winter project!

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