Tecsun PL-310ET: resolving a tight antenna

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Joey (KE4DRJ), who writes:

I was hoping that you or the readers might be able to help me with a problem. I just received my new pl-310et. Which I purchased from anon-co. The issue is with the whip antenna. When I try to rotate the whip, it’s very stiff. I can feel the plastic around the antenna base flexing. I’m worried about cracking the housing. Is there a fix for this issue? Thank you

Thanks for your question, Joey.

I’ve never had to resolve an antenna issue like this and while I do have some ideas, they’ve never been tested. I feel confident, though, some of our readers know tried and true methods that might help. Please comment if you can offer a safe suggestion.

Note, too, that if this issue makes using the PL-310ET difficult, you should also contact Anon-Co as I’m sure they can also help.

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One thought on “Tecsun PL-310ET: resolving a tight antenna

  1. Robert

    Loosen the screw?

    I need to find a replacement antenna as I’ve broke mine. I have a replacement from another radio but it’s about a cm too long when folded away, so it doesn’t fold into place properly. Don’t suppose you know where a replacement could be found in the UK?


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