48 Hour Sale: CountyComm GP5-SSB (Gen 3)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who notes that CountyComm has announced a 48 hour sale on the GP5-SSB (read our review here).

The price is currently $71.99 US plus shipping.

Click here to view the deal at CountyComm.

5 thoughts on “48 Hour Sale: CountyComm GP5-SSB (Gen 3)

  1. William Patalon III

    This is yet another reason why I dig swling.com …

    I ordered one as soon as I read this…..

    Thanks, gents!

    Bill Patalon III

  2. Cap

    I have the Tecsun PL-365 which is effectively the same unit and is the most portable radio with SSB and performs well.

  3. /guy

    i’m on their mailing list, so i beat swling to it for once! this radio needs no recommendation, but i got the original one and liked it so much i ordered one for a spare. so although this new v3 one says the only improvement is battery life, i ordered it due to the huge discount.

    i thought i read when it was announced that there was some circuitry changes, but i can’t find notice of that. anyone know?

    tks, /guy (73 de kg5vt | wqpz784)

  4. Steve

    This is the review I left on the Country Comm website:

    This radio is average, at best, in function and less than average in ease of use. Compared to a Sony SW7600G, it functions are about 50% less effective, but it’s also 50% of the price.

    Controls are far too small and it’s easy to hit the wrong one. AM and FM tuning are fine, however, band noise on AM is way higher than expected. Using the rotating antenna will null out some conflicting signals, but the noise is still there.

    I had hoped this would be a good SW SSB receiver. It’s not. SSB is hard to tune in, even using the very fine tuning. Signals that pop out on the Sony are barely audible of the GPS-5. They are also nearly lost in the noise level. Getting anything but the strongest SSB signals properly tuned in is extremely difficult.

    Sensitivity is poor compared to the Sony and the high noise level makes it worse.

    All in all, I would not have purchased this radio if I had a chance to test it first.


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