The Zastone ZT-D9000 dual band mobile includes HF and LW coverage

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Cap Tux, who writes:

The Zastone ZT-D9000 radio has actually been out for a while and is a Dual Band Mobile (Triband with option), nothing fancy there and bears a striking resemblance to the Icom IC-2820H (clone?). Options include GPS, Bluetooth, 220Mhz and LW (The latter is really weird!).

What caught my eye is the 2.3-30 MHz Shortwave coverage, a quick search on YouTube turns up a video showing Shortwave working!

Yes, probably as wide as a barn door with no filtering except the 12kHz default but an extremely useful feature if you did need a dual band mobile in your jeep/car.

Two other noteworthy features are a dedicated RX BNC antenna socket and a built in FM Transmitter so you can listen to it on the FM Radio in your car/jeep, very cool. A bit like a pimped IC-2820H. Also has all the bells and whistles a Dual Bander should have,

This is the OEM site:

This site has the spec:

YouTube video showing Shortwave in use:

Click here to view on YouTube.

Click here for eBay UK.

Click here for eBay US.

Some Specs:

A/B Band RX:
200-260MHz (OPTION)

B Band RX:
153-279kHz (AM) (OPTION)
0.5MHz-1.8MHz (AM)
2.3-30MHz (AM)
64-108MHz (WFM)
113-137MHz (Airband – AM)

222-225MHz (Type USA 200-260MHz) (OPTION)

Channel Steps: 1.5, 6, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100kHz
Frequency Stability: +-2.5ppm
Repeater Shift: +-600kHz(144MHz), +-5MHz (430MHz)
Emission Type: F1D, F2D, F3E
Antenna Impedance: 50 ohms
Supply Voltage: Nominal: 13.8VDC, Neg Gnd, Operating: 12-24V Neg Gnd
Operating Temp: -40F to +-1400F(-20C to +-60C)
RF power Output: UHF: 40W/25W/5W VHF:50W/25W/5W
Case Size: (WxHxD) 6″ x 2.3″ x 1.3″ (Panel w/o knobs and connectors)
6″x6″x 1.8″ (Rear chassis w/o connectors)
Weight: 3.7 lbs

RF Power Output: UHF: 40W/25W/5W, VHF: 50W/25W/5W
Modulation Type: Variable Reactance F1 D, F2D, F3E
Maximum Deviation: +- 5KHz
Spurious Emission: at least 60 dB below
Microphone Impedance: 2 k ohms

Sensitivity Radio Band:
B Band:
5uV TYP for 10db SN (153-279 KHz, AM)
5UV TYP for 10 db SN (0.5-1.7 MHz, AM)
2uV TYP for 10db SN (203-30 MHz, AM)
2Uv TYP for 12db SINAD (64-108 MHz, WFM)
0.8 uV TYP for 10 db SN 9113-134 MHz, AM)

A&B Band:
0.2 uV for 12db SINAD (136-174 MHz, FM)
0.2 uV TYP for 12db SINAD (200-260 MHz, FM)
0.2 uV for 12 db SINAD (400-470 MHz, FM)
0.2 uV TYP for 12 db SINAD (470-520 MHz, FM)
Squelch Sensitivity: 0.16 uV (144/430 MHz Band)
Selectivity: NFM, AM 12 KHz/30KHz(-6dB/-60dB)

AF Output:
6W@4 ohm for 10% THD (@13.8V) EXP SP
3W@ 8 ohm for 10% THD (@13.8V) Normal EXP SP/CH
AF Output Impedance: 4-16 ohm
3 Speakers

Included in Purchase:
– Radio
– Microphone
– Power Cables
– Remote Install Kit
– Software CD
– Programming Cable
– All Mounting Hardware
– 1 Year Warranty

– Bluetooth
– Barometric altimeter and thermometer
– 220MHz
– LW Band

Very interesting, Cap! Thank you for sharing.  Honestly, I have a very difficult time keeping up with the radio equipment being produced and sold out of China.

And you’re right: what a surprise to find HF coverage on a dual-band mobile radio and especially longwave coverage! Like you, I wouldn’t anticipate stellar performance. The price is certainly “bargain basement” at $210 US shipped.

SWLing Post readers: Has anyone purchased and tested the ZT-D9000?  Please comment!

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34 thoughts on “The Zastone ZT-D9000 dual band mobile includes HF and LW coverage

  1. PETE G

    So where’s the Bluetooth,LW,Barometric altimeter and thermometer on mine then ????
    Nothing about any of that in the manual

  2. Det

    I recently purchased a new D-9000 and have two issues:
    1. I want to use it on a 24v electric system in my truck, however, when the engine is running and the regulator delivers 28.8v to charge the batteries, the Zastone D9000 turns off. Is there an over-voltage protection when over 24v?
    2. It seems so have very low sensitivity. It cannot hear stations which are not very strong while my UV-82 handheld hears them OK.

  3. Raul

    I am ham radio for 40 years and buy zastone d9000 and I can not use it in repeater cross band mode, in the laboratory its sensitivity is less than 0.2 microvolts but with external antenna deafening, it also does not seem to be full duplex reception, when listening one band, does not access the other, and in cross band repeater mode, it only enables reception after I press my own microphone, I have fulfilled what the user manual says, but I can not get it to work properly, could you help me? besides, is it possible to edit name for each channel? thanks LU3AW

    PS: I have using tm732 and tm742 with the same antennas and if those work correctly

  4. Phil

    I have had this radio for a couple of months now, it works well and the cross-band repeat function works a treat.
    Has anyone worked out how to change the call frequency? Mine seems to be stuck on 146.010 vhf and 440.00 uhf.

    1. Phil

      If you have the Chinese disk you can change the language, its the third heading along from the left, second choice down!

      1. Shaun Hadfield

        Please can you elaborate on how to change the language as mine is in Chinese and I would like to have it in English

  5. tony

    bonjour à tous qui pourraient me dire si avec le d9000 on peut faire du mode numérique du type SSTV -etc. car je ne trouve pas de câble ni de prise pour faire commuter le d9000 en PTT via un ordinateur . j’ai acheté le câble Din / USB pour le programmer ça fonctionne très bien mais impossible de le faire commuter en PTT via le PC. Merci 73’s / hello to all who could tell me if with the d9000 we can do digital mode type SSTV -etc. because I can not find a cable or plug to switch the d9000 in PTT via a computer. I bought the Din / USB cable to program it works fine but can not make it switch to PTT via the PC. Thanks 73’s

  6. Angelo

    I want to ask only those who know for sure what the ant BNC connection is for?
    (There’s no reference on the manual for that connection)
    I red somewhere that it is for reception. What kind of reception?
    Is it for FM radio frequencies 88-108MHz? (since its equipped with an FM tuner for listening)
    or this radio has an independent module for receiving VHF/UHF with this BNC connector?
    Therefor how important is this connection for the proper use of this transceiver?

    1. Thomas Post author

      The BNC connector is simply one of a few common connector types for HF radios. The PL-259 is probably still the most prevalent, but in recent years manufacturers like Elecraft and some SDR manufacturers have adopted the BNC. When size it important (say on the back of a small SDR or HT) then manufacturer use the SMA.

      BNCs are nice because they’re a little easier to insert and unplug. That’s why portable HF radios and antennas tend to use them these days. I haven’t seen the back panel of the Zadstone, but I think they could use BNCs for either HF or VHF.


      1. Angelo

        A US authorized dealer told me that the radio can do same band repeater so if done the bnc goes to receive input of a duplexer ans SO-239 would go to transmit side.
        So the bnc its actually for receiving and not a ‘second’ use connector.

        1. twisty

          hey any idea how smallof a split the radio will work with? like on youtube they advertise a split of 10 (ten) as in 145.000/146.000. my question is will this radio do same band close splits like .75 or less like found in duplex channels on Australian cb.

      2. Howard Small

        He did ask for a reply from someone who knows, which you don’t! There are two antenna connections on the D9000. One is SO239 and the other is BNC. The BNC is for same band repeat using a duplexer/diplexer.


    2. Mark

      I understand by reading the literature that it is used for a receive antenna when you want the radio to act as a repeater on the same band’s. Only then you must use separate antennas, hence the extra receive antenna jack.

    1. Ryan

      Carl- Did you find a fix to this? I just installed mine, and after having it work for the first day, it now gives me 3 beeps anytime I transmit. Thanks…

        1. john

          press PTT-M on the Microphone as I needed to do this and it worked for me. Not sure if you fault is the same issue but the symptom in the same

  7. Robert

    Just received and started to test. Seems to work very well expect for one issue…

    In dual vfo mode, after releasing ptt, the radio keeps transmitting empty carrier signal. Only red light shows on mic, not on radio but definitely an unmodulated carrier signal remains. This is not the case in dual mode. Looks like a software bug…

  8. Ken Hansen n2vip

    Interesting radio, one seller had a TON of ‘chinglish’ info on eBay, seemed focused on radio having TWO power amplifiers (for whatever reason).

    The feature I find useful is the built-in FM transmitter to play sound over car radio.

    Looks like an interesting $200 dual-band radio.


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