Can you identify Elvis’ radio?

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Bud Glass, who writes:

I am attempting to find out more information about this particular radio [see above]. The photo is from around 1959–no idea how old the radio is.

Thanks, Bud. I did a little research and it appears this photo was taken of Elvis while he was traveling in Germany. The radio has a familiar design from the era with a large speaker and round, front-facing tuning dial. I can’t make out the manufacturer’s name in the image.

Post readers: Please comment if you can help Bud ID this portable radio!

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4 thoughts on “Can you identify Elvis’ radio?

  1. Tony

    It’s a Grundig Transistor-boy, though exactly which one I can’t work out. Most have the speaker grill frame going up over the top to the function buttons, where this one doesn’t.

    1. Tony

      Or a Grundig Drucktasten-Boy with a soft strap – though the Grundig writing is slightly wrong as it is angled rather than flat.

      If anything it is a cross between the Transistor-boy and Teddy-boy which didn’t have the frequency dial on the front.


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