C. Crane CCRadio-EP Pro: a new enhanced version of the EP

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Troy Riedel, who notes that C. Crane has developed an enhanced version of the original CCRadio-EP AM/FM portable.

C. Crane includes the following description on their website:

The new CC Radio-EP PRO is an enhanced version of the original EP. It has the same simple controls and the same high performance with superior selectivity and sensitivity. The portable CCRadio-EP PRO could be considered a super radio; built for ease of use and outstanding long-range AM with our C. Crane patented Twin Coil Ferrite® AM Antenna. FM performance is excellent.

Great for listening to Talk Radio, NPR®, Music, and Sports. The EP PRO has a wide bass and treble adjustment range for defined music and accurate and lively voice reproduction.

A large, 5-inch speaker is combined with a hi-fidelity amplifier and a “Wide/Narrow” enhancement dial to give extra clarity to AM programs. The dial accuracy of the new EP PRO is superior to our original model. Weight: 3.1 lbs. (without batteries). Size: 11.4″ W x 7.3″ H x 2.75″ D. Runs on four optional “D” batteries (not included). AC adapter is included.

C.Crane lists a shipping date of March 30, 2018 or after.

Since I receive so many questions about affordable radios for mediumwave DXing, I’ll certainly review the CCRadio-EP Pro when it’s available. I look forward to evaluating out a radio with such simple controls!

Click here to check the CCRadio-EP Pro on C. Crane’s website.

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7 thoughts on “C. Crane CCRadio-EP Pro: a new enhanced version of the EP

  1. Curt Schwarzwalder

    I’ve had a CC EP for a couple of years, and yes, it’s performance is excellent. It’s probably the closest current production model to the GE Superadio. It’s lots of fun to use, and has a cool illuminated dial scale! The radio does, however, tend to overload on very strong AM signals, especially towards to top of the band, which by the way is spread out nicely. Otherwise, it’s awesome on the 1610-1710 kHz ‘x-band’. C. Crane will likely address the overload issue in the Pro model.
    The build quality on mine was somewhat lacking – I had to fix the dial string assembly after one of the little plastic parts cracked. Hopefully, they will improve that on the upcoming model.
    Edward’s suggestion of adding a shortwave band or two would certainly get me interested.
    If they ”enhance” this as well as they did the CCRadio 2 (to create the 2E ”enhanced”) – I’m in!
    Jay Allen posted a good review of the original CCRadio-EP. I await your review of the EP Pro, Thomas!

    1. Midiz

      When I saw the news, my first thought is: they are really caring about this model. I have CCEP and it impresses me a lot, especially its AM reception. I’m kind of enjoying receiving Sydney 2CH in the middle of night in the bed 2000 kilometers away. Such radio can even easily sense lighting noises 1700 kilometers away. What a sensitive radio!
      But there are still some aspects that I don’t like in current model. First, the AF circuit may be the same as Redsun RP2100; the bass can be easily crapped or distorted. Second, if the producer could add in a chioce of extra wide filter (25 to 30 kHz) for AM, it could sound marvelous when receiving local AM stations, just as good as FM. Third, the tuning norb is a little soft and wobble.
      I hope EP Pro can perform better. However, if EP Pro is based on DSP, it would be less interesting to me.

  2. SDLdxer

    I have an EP and really like it’s old style analog function. The reception is 2nd to none. I will be buying this when it’s released.


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