Dan spots a mint Panasonic RF-B65 on eBay

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who shares the following:

This does not appear to have the AC adaptor — not all kits included that, but they are findable on Ebay] OK, folks here’s your chance — a Panasonic RF-B65, one of the best portables of all time in terms of overall sensitivity and audio (in this size category) in what appears to be Like New condition. Price is about right for one of these complete with box, manuals, etc I usually jump on these but I already have two in this condition….

Click here to view on eBay.

The RF-B65 is certainly a highly regarded portable and Dan knows I’m on the hunt for one. Frankly, I’ll probably wait until next year to search for a deal. This model is not the cheapest, but looks incredibly clean and is being sold by a seasoned seller with 100% positive feedback. If you’ve been considering an RF-65B, this is a good one.  Thanks for the tip, Dan!

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5 thoughts on “Dan spots a mint Panasonic RF-B65 on eBay

    1. Thomas Post author

      No way! Already sold? In a way, I’m quite grateful–I didn’t like the temptation sitting out there. At the moment, I’ve a personal embargo on just cruising through eBay. 🙂 It’s only from reader tips that I notice items now. Next year, though, I plan to start a serious hunt for the Panny B65.

    2. Troy Riedel

      When first introduced, the MSRP was $349.99 … but the “street price” was a bit lower & that price eventually decreased after it was on the market for a while.


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