Radio Deal: Elecraft’s “Black Friday” sale

If you’ve been considering an Elecraft transceiver, you might want to take a gander a the discounts Elecraft has posted for Black Friday.

Two of my favorite portable transceivers are in the sale:

  • The KX2 Transceiver + FREE MH3 Microphone ($699.95 US)
  • The KX3 Transceiver (modular kit) + FREE MH3 Microphone ($874.95 US)

 Click here to read our review of the Elecraft KX3 and the KX2.

Of course, Elecraft has discounted almost all of their product line and a few packages. The sale includes free ground shipping and an Elecraft hat with each Black Friday order.

Click here to view the sale on Elecraft’s website.

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3 thoughts on “Radio Deal: Elecraft’s “Black Friday” sale

  1. John Tombarelli

    Hello: I am interested to purchase the “Tecsun PL-880 radio”. Its Black Friday sale is $79.00. Can I purchase it now or do I have to wait for a later date? Please advise on what to do and where to go for this sale.

    Thank You so much for your time and Help

    [email protected]

  2. CynicalLogic

    I spent 30 minutes looking at your Black Friday posting from 2016. You really should delete old blogs that are invalid. Grumble…


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