The XHDATA D-808 shortwave portable: A variation of the Digitech AR-1780?

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ivan, who shares the following:

In December, sales of this radio will begin. The seller promises to put the price of 60 US dollars. Radio of a level not lower than Tecsun PL-660 for such a small price is great! There is a video review on YouTube. Unfortunately in Russian. There is no more information on this radio on the Internet. I myself found out by accident.

Click here to view on YouTube.

Thank you for the tip, Ivan! I’m guessing this is yet another portable based on the Silicon Labs SL4735.

The display looks like that of the Digitech AR-1780 and the keypad configuration is nearly identical–the only visible difference being the shape of the SSB button which is rectangular on the AR01780.

The Digitech AR-1780 keypad.

The XHDATA D-808 Keypad.

The power buttons are also in different locations.

AliExpress has the D-808 in their catalog, but the price is listed at $2,000 per unit (!!!) with no shipping to the US. Perhaps the pricing formula changes if you place an order within Russia?

UPDATE: Ivan adds, “I talked to the seller of Xhdata D-808 on Ali about the crazy price claimed now. The seller replied that the price will be quite different and much more humane than what is now.”

Again, thanks for the tip, Ivan!

Post readers: If you have the XHDATA D-808, I’d certainly welcome a review. Please feel free to contact me about submitting one.

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12 thoughts on “The XHDATA D-808 shortwave portable: A variation of the Digitech AR-1780?

  1. Ivan

    It’s interesting to see what Digitech AR-1780 looks like from inside. Now that the Xhdata D-808’s viscera are visible, you can easily compare these receivers and see if they really are related. But in the network of pictures Digitech AR-1780 from inside I did not find.

  2. Guy

    It will be interesting to learn how this new model performs in SSB mode. Could the D-808 be a rebrand or related to the forthcoming C. Crane Skywave SSB model?

  3. Igor

    Unfortunately, it is another one DSP-based toy with ordinary dynamic range and terrible soft-mute. I own Eton Traveler III based on the same DSP chip and it is unsuitable for DXing because of abovementioned reasons. Moreover, the Eton has some bugs in firmware.

    1. Mike_S

      I have the Traveller III which, being an inexpensive portable, certainly does not have the dynamic range that a large tabletop set might have. This is to be expected.

      I disagree on the “terrible soft-mute”. From the very first reviews which compared it to the previous Tecsun PL-300WT, everyone noted the absence of discernible soft-mute. I ave owned this model for a couple of years and do not experience it either.

      It does not appear that the D-808 has been shipped as yet, but you have already reviewed its performance and know which DSP is uses. Wondering where this information comes from.

  4. Ivan NO2CW

    Notes based on my so so understanding of Russian:
    – This is the first time Chinese sellers have offered this set of features at this price
    – December release date
    – louder volume than the 310 with better base but noticeable heavier as well
    – approximately 80mA on receiver (seems to low to me?) up to 200mA at full volume
    – 10 hrs at max consumption level expected
    – volume knob has step controller
    – 6 filters 6,4,…down to 1 khz
    – FM with RDS. You can sync radio from RDS info but not recommended
    – 10/9 kHz step on medium wave. LW can be locked/unlocked
    – More features than the 310 but not labeled as a Tecsun
    – Notice the click tuning between steps in FM tuning, this could be annoying
    – Synchronous detector marked on case but not present in radio
    – Audio provile (voice, music, etc) marked on case but nor present
    – DAB marked but not available
    – SSB works at least as well as the 660

    1. Ivan

      I will add to your remarks:
        – If you press the valcoder as a button, rotating the valcoder can select the level of the noise reduction level – more or less.

  5. Troy Riedel

    Interesting … the “Reviews” for this listing are actually of the PL-398 (at least the handful that I checked – they include photos).

    The pricing of this – and its listing on Aliexpress – may be similar to eBay’s structure. Have you ever seen a $30 item on eBay listed for an outrageous price like $1000.00? Vendor s do that when they are out of stock – they don’t currently want any new orders – but they want to save the listing in the system to save themselves a new listing fee. Could this vendor have once sold the PL-398 (as evidenced by the reviews and attached review photos) and they are in the process of converting this listing into this new receiver? I don’t know the pricing of Aliexpress so this is simply conjecture on my part.

    Also of note, if you read the listing the vendor asks that you put the item into a cart and message them for a $10-off coupon to be used when this receiver is available.

    If this is [or will be] truly a $60 receiver, I’d buy it just to see what it’s like at that price.


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