RAE: Announcement and Updated schedule from WRMI

Many thanks to Adrian Korol, Director of RAE Argentina, who shares the following broadcast schedule update via WRMI as of January 8, 2018:

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One thought on “RAE: Announcement and Updated schedule from WRMI

  1. Tom Servo

    Well, there goes any chance I have at ever hearing the English show again. 9395 skips over me during this time. (Which is now, I just checked. It’s there but practically inaudible.)

    I wonder if WRMI ever got their issue with RAE’s programs being repeated constantly fixed? Last I heard they were investigating it, but every night on 5850 the English show was a repeat from weeks or even months prior. Very strange. I don’t think RAE quite knows what they’re doing. I submitted two reception reports but never heard from them.


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