Radio Deal: Grundig Executive Satellit Radio Half Price Sale

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ralph (AJ4BI), who writes

I absolutely love your blog!

Herrington is having a half-price sale on their Grundig Executive Satellit for $99.95

Click here to view the deal.

Frys has dropped the price to $81.91. They now appear to be only available through the local Frys stores.

Thanks for the tip, Ralph! Those are excellent prices for the Executive Satellit! I’ve checked other retailers and prices are much closer to the $180+ mark.  If you’ve been looking for a Satellit, this is the time to bite the bullet!

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6 thoughts on “Radio Deal: Grundig Executive Satellit Radio Half Price Sale

  1. ¾ Blind

    I’ve been using an Eton E5 since 2008 and have been very satisfied with it. For my next SW radio I would like to try a Tescun, perhaps the S-8800 after it has been out for a while, but this Eton Executive Satellit at my local Fry’s is such a good deal. Is there anything the Executive can do that the E5 cannot do? Is the sync detection in and of itself worth the price of admission? I…must…resist.

    1. Troy Riedel

      The Executive/Executive Satellit is a fine little radio. I also have the E5 (among about a dozen others) and I rarely use the E5 any more. Compared to a competitor – the PL-880 (I have that, too) – I like the Executive Satellit because the SYNC actually works where it is an undocumented after-thought on the PL-880. Given the street price of the PL-880 of around $159.99 and the Executive Satellit/Satellit being found for $100-$112, I would steer people towards the Etons for their value at that price.

      As far as the S-8800 – well – that’s like comparing a pick-up truck to 4-door sedan. They are so different in scope & size. You can haul a load of lumber with a pickup truck but gas mileage as a commuter vehicle isn’t practical. You’d have to gauge your planned usage whether or not an Executive Satellit/Satellit is the way to go or the Tecsun S-8800.

  2. DanH

    You can still buy an Eton Grundig Edition Satellit new for $111 from Radio World Canada on eBay. Free shipping to the US. I bought one of these last fall from the same retailer. It is the same radio as the Eton Grundig Executive Satellit but has a black color scheme and no leather flap cover. The operation manual for both radios is the same. This Satellit does back-up duty for my Sangean ATS-909X.

  3. Joe

    I was tempted, but the *leather* case is a turn-off for me. Come on, Eton; this isn’t 1965. Many of us have come to realize that using the skins of dead animals for adorning our possessions is decadent.


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