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Radio Deal: Grundig Executive Satellit Radio Half Price Sale

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ralph (AJ4BI), who writes

I absolutely love your blog!

Herrington is having a half-price sale on their Grundig Executive Satellit for $99.95

Click here to view the deal.

Frys has dropped the price to $81.91. They now appear to be only available through the local Frys stores.

Thanks for the tip, Ralph! Those are excellent prices for the Executive Satellit! I’ve checked other retailers and prices are much closer to the $180+ mark.  If you’ve been looking for a Satellit, this is the time to bite the bullet!

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Radio Deal: Grundig/Eton Traveller III $35 at Fry’s

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ivan Cholakov (NO2CW), who comments:

Just FYI US retailer Fry’s has the Grundig Traveler III for $35 ending Dec 23rd.

Click here to view at Frys.com.

Thanks for the tip, Ivan!  This may require a store pickup as online shipping doesn’t appear to be an option.

Also, the photo on Fry’s shows the Executive version of the Traveller III with case–the UPC number, however, indicates this is the original black chassis version of the Traveller III. There is no difference in performance–I note this only because the image is a little misleading.

Still, $35 is a great price for the Traveller III!

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