Radio Deal: Grundig Satellit 750 via Amazon

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Larry W, who writes:

The Grundig Satellit 750 is now on sale on for $255.95 shipped. This is the best price I have seen in ages! Typically the 750 floats between $300-320. I thought you might want to post this because 750 sales are so rare compared with other radios. I just “bit the bullet” and bought one myself as I’ve been eyeing this rig for a while now!

Thanks for the tip, Larry! As I mention with any sale–which is based on an algorithm–the price can change suddenly without notice.

Click here to view at (affiliate link).

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4 thoughts on “Radio Deal: Grundig Satellit 750 via Amazon

  1. Grant

    I also suggest camelcamelcamel if you’re trying to catch a deal on Amazon. It can give you a pretty good price history for Amazon pricing and 3rd-party sellers through Amazon/ You can see if something’s price is stable or if it’s all over the map:

    There’s also a browser plugin for most browsers os you can just click on it while on a page with an amazon product and the info will be displayed in a pop up.


    1. Jim Trame

      I got mine new in the box at the local pawn shop for $200.00. Someone didn’t know what they had and probably got very little for it. The pawn shop had it labeled “CB.”

    2. Christopher Lochner

      Glad you pointed this out. CCC is one of my regular shopping tools. Funny note: a since updated wifi I use would regularly block CCC for indecent content. Think about it a bit. Heheh.


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