6 thoughts on “Ozy Radio now on 4,835 kHz

  1. Linn Goodman

    On 05/31/20 @ 0343 UTC station 4.835 was heard from the Dallas, Texas area. Being a new shortwave listener this is awesome!

  2. Ray

    Great to hear the station back up on 4.835. The ABC should never have closed the SW service, this is a breath of fresh air. Keep it up guys.

  3. Philip Adams

    I have been hearing Ozy Radio on 4835 from Home QTH some mornings. Is the link on the web page above that goes to a gun related web site correct?

    Philip – VK3JNI

  4. Dave Carr

    Sadly Ozy Radio has now gone dark along with the website.

    I was fortunate enough to hear it sign off for the last time less than a fortnight ago when they played the old Radio Australia interval signal and then like Radio Australia it want QRT.

    The only Shortwave broadcasts coming from Australia now is 4KZ on 5055 kHz.


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