eBay find: Sony CDX-GT260S car shortwave radio

I still receive a surprising amount of questions about mobile (car/in-dash) shortwave receivers. We have a dedicated category to all things mobile shortwave but it is certainly a radio category with comparatively few options.

One option to consider is the BST-1: a receiver I reviewed two years ago.

And then occasionally car receivers pop up on eBay, like this Sony CDX-GT260S:

Click here to view on eBay.

The Sony CDX-GT260S requires installation, but shouldn’t be overly complicated to install especially in older vehicles.

The seller actually posted the following video of the Sony CDX-GT260S in use:

Post readers: Anyone listen to shortwave in the car?  What’s your receiver of choice?

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3 thoughts on “eBay find: Sony CDX-GT260S car shortwave radio

  1. Henry Van Kainen

    I had that radio on my old MB Sprinter van in New Zealand.
    I bought it in the hope of listening my old country Finland on SW. But to my disappointment, Finland had stopped SW transmissions couple years later!
    Now I am living in Australia and have 2010 MB Sprinter which has Sound5 headunit. By entering test mode, I can enable narrow SW band, 5.8 -6.2 MHz. Occasionally listening Radio NZ SW programs.

  2. Rod

    I take my battery receivers such as my SONY ICF-2010 and Tecsun PL-660 or 880. Sometimes my HAM gear goes and all the times I have two meters and 70 cm. My Kenwood F6A goes along and it has all mode HF receive. But no in dash like the SONYCDX.
    73 Rod W8GRI

  3. Brandon

    I have a Blaupunkt MP76 receiver in my vehicle and it has a shortwave band that received just between 5800-6200 khz. The problem with it is that the vehicle (a 2001 Chevy Blazer) generates too much RF interference for it to be listenable except on some nights when reception is very strong.


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