Richard’s 25 MHz WWV QSL

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Richard Schreiber (KE7KRF), who writes:

The NIST article about WWVH was very interesting and informative.

It reminded me that lately WWV’s broadcast on 25 MHz has been received from time to time here in southern Arizona. I emailed a report and recording to NIST in late June and received a QSL (images above).

I don’t know the status of the 25 MHz frequency. In 2017 NIST was soliciting reports but I haven’t found any current details on the web.

Thanks for sharing this, Richard. I’m under the impression that the 25 MHz frequency is still in use, though I may be wrong. This is also a great reminder–many don’t realize–that WWV does issue QSL cards!

Of course, as we’ve mentioned in a previous post, if the FY2019 presidential budget proposal is accepted/approved, WWV will be no more. 

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3 thoughts on “Richard’s 25 MHz WWV QSL

  1. Tom Servo

    It took me a while, but I also got a QSL card for the 25 MHz broadcast. It’s a fairly rare catch with my modest setup here in Alabama but that low power broadcast can surprise you sometimes, popping up out of the ether in otherwise mundane conditions! Strangely enough, I heard it again today for the first time in a month or two. Everything below 11 MHz was D-E-A-D but 25 MHz and up was wide open, and there is was, barely audible but present.


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