Shortwave Radio Recordings: RNW Media Network, April 9, 1982

Former RNW Madagascar site (Photo courtesy of RNW)

Many thanks to SWLing Post and SRAA contributor, Tom Laskowski, who shares the following off-air recording of Radio Netherlands and notes:

Along with RCI’s Shortwave Listener’s Digest, Radio Netherlands Media Network was another favorite DX program of mine.

Here is a recording of an episode from April 9, 1982 which is the first recording of this program from my archive.

The show highlights are:

  • Media coverage of the Falklands War from the British and Argentinian sides,
  • Pete Meyers with a report that Radio New Zealand did not shut down, the US-Cuban media war,
  • Richard Ginbey with African media news and
  • John Campbell with a clandestine radio report.

Audio quality is only fair for this recording.

Date of recording: 4/9/1982

Starting time: 0230

Frequency: 9.590 MHz

Receiver location: South Bend, IN

Receiver: Realistic DX-302

Click here to download this audio file.

Thank you , Tom! That is, indeed, a most welcome blast from the past!

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3 thoughts on “Shortwave Radio Recordings: RNW Media Network, April 9, 1982

  1. Tony Sayers

    Stumbled on this site tonight, what a nice supprise, took me back to when I was first starting out as a SWL.
    I had a DX-100L (which I still have on the my desk) with a long wire at the time.
    I used to listen to RNI all the time and was one of my favourite stations. It was a crying shame when it closed down.

  2. Heath Hall

    Brings back memories! I had a DX-302 at that time as well and remember “Calling the Falklands”. One of my favorite all-time catches was straining to hear a few snippets of propaganda from Argentine Annie.


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