Marcus’ countryside mobile listening post

The Düsseldorf evening skyline

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Marcus Keulertz, from Düsseldorf, Germany, who writes:.

Here are some nice pics about my own special way practicing our beloved radio hobby. I was quite satisfied with my logs.

I heard Radio Taiwan’s Mandarin broadcast and All India Radio National Service in vernacular languages. I did [all  of this listening  from] my little car there.

Thank you for sharing, Marcus! Looks like you’ve found a peaceful spot to enjoy radio from the comfort of your car.

Indeed, you’re doing exactly what I tell urban listeners today who have difficulty hearing stations from home: head to the countryside and escape the radio interference! It’s simply amazing what you can hear when your receiver isn’t being overwhelmed by RFI/QRM.

Sometimes it takes very little distance from sources of urban noise–even a city park (as our friend London Shortwave routinely demonstrates) offers enough of a noise buffer.

Thanks for sharing, Marcus!

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1 thought on “Marcus’ countryside mobile listening post

  1. Joe

    absolutely inspirational, Marcus…

    Your article reminded me of my first motorcycle (of course you were using a car). I had the motorcycle a few days when I got an itch. I didnt own a portable radio at the time, so i bought one at the base store that would fit in my shirt pocket and headed my new bike into the southern california mountains.

    After a few hours drive I found a likely spot and parked my new wheels. I took out my AM pocket radio, and began to scan the band. I picked up commercial stations from that mountain location I would never have heard otherwise right in the middle of the day. Ok, so it wasnt really DX, but I had fun… rather… I had joy..

    There i was, a fresh sailor at age 18, a new bike (Honda 750), a new job, a new state, and a new life…. I was on top of the world… and I made sure radio was part of it.

    Thanks for the reminder


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