More info about Eneloops and avoiding counterfeits

Following our post yesterday regarding Eneloop rechargeable cells, SWLing Post contribtors Guy Atkins and Ivan Cholakov both warned of numerous fake and counterfeit batteries available from sellers on eBay and elsewhere. Ivan notes:

Please be aware Eneloop batteries are widely copied and there are many many fakes out there. You should only buy them from a reputable source.

Thank you for that warning, Ivan!

Guy also comments:

I use Eneloop Pro AA batteries in small portables. The newest version of the “Pro” comes in a 2500 maH size and retains 85% of the charge for one year. The downsize is that this model is “only” good for 500 recharges. A useful comparison chart is here:

[…]Here is a FAR more comprehensive page of Eneloop model & version comparisons, charts, FAQs, tips, warnings, etc.: This web site also contains warnings about Ebay fake Eneloops, and other useful details…probably more than most people want to know but if you want to make the most informed choice, check it out!

Many thanks to both of you for sharing. I agree that purchasing Eneloops from a reputable seller is incredibly important. For one thing, if you plan to invest in Eneloops, there is no rationale to buy something sub-standard. Additionally, I do worry about counterfeit cells having an unstable chemistry which could result in overheating or fire.

Click here to read our original Eneloop article with links to reputable sellers.

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One thought on “More info about Eneloops and avoiding counterfeits

  1. DanH

    I have been using four Panasonic Eneloop BK3MCC AA cells in my Sangean ATS-909X and Eton Grundig Edition Satellite since these cells were introduced in 2015. This is the fourth and current generation standard Eneloop (white) cell and is rated up to 2000 mAh. These cells may be charged up to 2100 times! I charge the Eneloops inside the radios after the first battery charge indicator bar on the radios go out.

    Do not confuse this excellent Eneloop battery with the more expensive Eneloop Pro (black). The two batteries are designed for different applications. The Eneloop Pro BK3HCD is the second and current version of the Eneloop Pro and was also introduced in 2015. This cell is rated up to 2,500+ mAh and may be charged up to 500 times. The advantage of the Eneloop Pro is with devices that require higher maximum current ratings than portable radio receivers.

    The four standard white Eneloops will deliver all of the current needed to power portable multi-band radios and will provide an excellent number of charge cycles over the service life of the battery. The black Eneloop Pro will match the performance of the standard Eneloops and offers a slightly higher mAh rating. Slightly higher mAh means slightly longer performance in the radios between charges. This advantage is small enough that you will probably never notice the longer performance time in practical use. You will certainly notice the much lower number of charge cycles during the service life of the battery.

    For portable multiband radios with shortwave I heartily recommend the standard white Eneloop BK3MCC for its lower cost, maximum charge cycles and completely sufficient current delivery. For applications with higher higher current demands like radio transmitters, motors, and digital video or photography I recommend the black Eneloop Pro BK3HCD.


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