“Human Magnetoreception”: Can Humans Sense Magnetic Storms?

Can our brains sense Geomagnetic Storms?  Do we have an “internal radar” that tells us when the sun is active?

Brain waves respond to Magnetic Fields (Credit: Earth to Sky Calculus)

I ran across this article this morning posted at http://SpaceWeather.com

CAN HUMANS SENSE MAGNETIC STORMS? Close your eyes and relax. Daydream about something pleasant. In this state your brain is filled with “alpha waves,” a type of electrical brainwave associated with wakeful relaxation.

Now try it during a geomagnetic storm. It may not be so easy. A new study just published in the journal eNeuro by researchers at Caltech offers convincing evidence that changes in Earth’s magnetic field can suppress alpha waves in the human brain.

[Go to http://SpaceWeather.com to read the full article]

Guest Post by Troy Riedel

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2 thoughts on ““Human Magnetoreception”: Can Humans Sense Magnetic Storms?

  1. Thomas

    That is really wild. Thanks for sharing, Troy. You know, since birds and migratory animals have some geomag firmware, I suppose it should surprise us if we do too! 🙂 . Ha ha!



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