ELAD introduces the new DUO-X SDR Transceiver

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Jones, who shares an image of the new ELAD DUO-X transceiver:

A prototype of the DUO-X will be on display this weekend at Ham Radio Friedrichshafen this weekend.

I don’t have a lot of details about the DUO-X yet, but here is what I can confirm:

  • There will be two 2 versions 120 watt and a 220 watt
  • 4 independent receivers
  • 10.2 inch touchscreen
  • 4x 1″ OLED screens above four programmable multifunction knobs
  • Built-in ATU
  • Stand-alone or connect to your PC

More details to follow! Bookmark the tag ELAD DUO-X for updates.

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8 thoughts on “ELAD introduces the new DUO-X SDR Transceiver

  1. Gordon Burke

    Why is this Radio advertised when it is always out of stock I have been a Elad user and switched to the Anan because this radio has never be available

  2. Les

    Nothing great or new putting a radio and computer in one box. Computers need upgrades periodically.
    I have a dual 5ghz cpu, 11gig ram, water called, 128 gig per cpu, and run 3 operating systems.
    That radio is a very bad idea and not to be relied on. If the computer has a problem, the whole thing has a problem. No radio, No computer.

  3. Shane

    Why, oh why does this have to be wi does based???

    Go with Linux! Much better system- more reliable, less of a memory and power hog.
    Then there is all the security and virus problems with Wi does, not to mention the embedded e pense of paying Micro$oft their outrageous fee for the monstrousity they cal Windows 10.

    Stop the madness! Use open source, please!

  4. pino Pastine ,ik1dqg

    Scusate ,ho suggerito Smeter in angolo simile analogico ,e interruttore generale anche sul davanti ,fosse possibile numeri frequenza più grandi ,manopola di sintonia a velocità automatica ,nel senso più gira veloce e più ci si sposta in fretta ,equalizzatore mic interno ? Manopola sintonia un po più grossa ? Comunque bellissimo ,l aspetto impazientemente ,da quando un made in Italy cosi ? 73 e grazie

  5. pino Pastine ,ik1dqg

    Mettete anche un interruttore frontale e un Smeter tipo analogico in alto in un angolo ,grazie


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